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Wednesday 18 November 2020

Marble Tile Cleaning in Algood, TN
Tile & Grout Cleaning Services - (931) 283-6101

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  Marble Tile Cleaning in Algood, TN

Full-Service Marble Tile Cleaning in Algood, TN

The grout between your tiles will absorb part of your cleaning solution due to how porous grout actually is. Mop water used to clean the floor will also seep into the material, leading to further staining. We have access to cleaners that won’t be absorbed as readily, and advanced equipment that can remove dirt that’s been embedded in the tiles and grout.

Professional tile and grout cleaning can help you avoid water damage, which can happen when mold and mildew accumulate underneath the tiles. Besides causing tiles to loosen, this lets even more water flow in. This can lead to even more tiles eventually coming loose, as well as damaging the floor under your tiles.

Most homeowners put off cleaning tile floors because getting them to look clean and bright seems tedious and time consuming. Ironically, if you hold off on cleaning your tile floor you’re just making things worse. When you do clean your floor, you’ll have a harder time getting rid of the dirt and grime that’s built up.

  • We make sure our industrial strength tile-and-grout cleanser has adequate dwell time.
  • The grout lines are then hand-scrubbed both vertically and horizontally.
  • Our high-pressure cleaning machine then polishes the tile while rinsing off the cleanser, along with any soil, back to our truck outside.
  • An application of grout sealer protects the tiles from future, permanent soil penetration.

We'll be able to figure it out. The technicians at Floocovering Technologies have been tile & grout cleaning for many years.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services - (931) 283-6101 for marble tile cleaning in Algood, TN.